Cat Sanctuary

Gucci (Gina)

Gucci introduced herself to me a couple of months back by leaning over the edge of her cage top perch and playfully swatting at my head as I stood talking to Leslie. Not enough attention was being paid to the cat, a situation she sought to rectify as quickly as possible.


As with more than a few cats at the sanctuary, this spirited sweetie has more than one name. Gucci was the name given to her when she was brought to RAPS.

Her other name is Gina, given to her by former volunteer Tess with who she lived for two years. Tess was so fond of Gina that she was happy to adopt her and take her home. Unfortunately, her other cats relentlessly bullied the newcomer. Eventually, after it became clear that the behavior was just going to continue indefinitely, Tess decided it would be best to bring her back to the sanctuary.


Tess came out to visit when she could, but Leslie tells me it took a little time for her to win feline forgiveness. For the first while, one little longhaired tuxedo kitty would have nothing to do with her, all the while being quite friendly with Leslie and other sanctuary staff.

By now, Gina/Gucci has of course allowed herself to show her love for Tess. For the rest of us? Maybe a cuddle, maybe a little swat just for fun. Cats go by cat logic, after all.


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