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Grizzy & Peaches – Part I: Peaches

Grizzy and Peaches: Photo provided by Marianne

Friends Grizzy and Peaches came to the sanctuary last summer. As Marianne says and I think many at RAPS would agree, “Peaches turned out to be an old sweetie, Grizzy definitely NOT.” Grizzy has his reasons, but more about him on Monday.

The two cats were initially kept together in the same cage with the idea that they could be made feel more at ease in the familiar company. Unfortunately, rather than making her feel more at ease, Grizzy managed to stress Peaches out so much that she eventually had to be given a cage of her own. Staff put up a sign telling people Peaches “needs lots of love” and asking them to spend time with her. And so people did, to Peaches’ great delight.

September 2009: Peaches receiving visitors in her cage

Now she’s out and about, looking well adjusted to her life at the sanctuary but no less delighted to receive any cuddles being handed out. An old sweetie indeed.

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