Cat Sanctuary


Greyson is a recent arrival at the shelter. Gaye, one of our animal care workers, brought him in at the beginning of the month after seeing him hanging around her neighborhood for a while.

Although he’s tame, suddenly coming into contact with hundreds of strange cats in a strange new environment can be a pretty overwhelming, so Greyson’s got a cage to himself in the double wide trailer for now.

And yes, like Hubert and Winston, this boy has a big head.

Ann now has a theory about me:

drawing by Claire

“Claire likes big-headed cats!” she says to Shannon in the sort of cheerfully triumphant playground voice we all must have some residual memories of from school.
Narrowly avoiding a knee-jerk “I do not!”, I only manage to protest that it’s just because Ann keeps pointing them out to me and they keep turning out to be cute.
Lame, but true.

It’s easy to love and admire handsome cats like Leonard or beauties like Daphne, but I (and I’m quite sure I’m not alone) can’t help but have a soft spot as well for the ones with some little quirk that sets them apart: raggedy Chance, curly tailed and obliviously crippled Lincoln, alternately shy and goofy Leo… just to name a few.

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