Cat Sanctuary

Good-bye, Zulu

I’m sorry to have to report that we lost¬†Zulu, our vociferous Bengal, last night. I heard from Debbie that “he passed in his sleep while cuddling with his buddies.”

photo taken November 30th, 2009

Although he did seem to look skinnier than ever when I saw him last week, it never quite clicked that we might be due to lose him so soon. I guess it never does. Even as recently as Saturday I’m told he was up to his usual old tricks and managed to steal a sizable portion of Ann’s hamburger.







photo provided by RAPS

We loved you Zulu, for better and for worse, for meow and for mooch. Your voice, for so long heard from one end of the sanctuary to the other, will continue to ring in the ears – and the hearts – of all those who knew you.

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