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Good-bye, Danny Boy

The RAPS cat sanctuary is mourning the loss of a friend today.

When I wrote about Danny Boy just over a month ago, I was moved by how our “little trooper,” undaunted by the balance problem which caused him great difficulty in walking more than a couple of steps at a time with out toppling over, was determined to move on his own steam. I still carry in my head this image of him in what turned out to be his final weeks, gamely tottering his way up the stairs to the double wide trailer while we stood by, poised to catch him if he should stumble.

I asked Debbie, with whom he was particularly close, to say a few words in memory and in celebration of this special cat:

“Today marks the passing of a long time, much loved and extra special cat at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary.  Danny Boy was extra special not only for the 7 toes he possessed on each of his front paws, but also for his incredibly loving nature.  He also had a distinctive vocal style – more a yodel or cackle than a meow.  He would often be found purring and curled up in the lap of anyone that he could snag.  Once you met him, you were sure not to forget him.  True to his nature, he left the world as peacefully as he had lived.  He will be deeply missed by all.

Good-bye Danny Boy. You were well loved and will be well missed.
Updated November 27, 2009:
Some more memories of our Danny Boy…

“I remember when I first found him on the dyke by the end of 3 Road and tried to trap him. Then Carol got him a few months later…. he’s been around a long time.”

– Fearn
“From what I recall, Carol said he just came right up to her and she scooped him into a carrier/trap she had.[…] Carol found out, once Danny Boy had been released from his cage that he loved to sit on your lap while you were in the bathroom!”
“I still remember the day he escaped from his cage and how we managed to lure him back with treats. He was called Big Foot at that time and I hated the name so called him Danny Boy and it stuck.”
– Stephanie

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