Cat Sanctuary

Gone in 2018 – but still loved

Merlin (Jan) was a resident of the leukemia area (MW)

One of the things that always seems to come with a New Year is a retrospective of the one just past – and inevitably that includes recollections of the big personalities and celebrities who have died during the year.

Jake (Aug) waiting anxiously for visitor attention (MW)

At the Sanctuary we try to focus on the positive – to think of the love that has been shared with our cats, and of the fact that many of them have lived longer and healthier lives with us than they might otherwise have done.

Gunther (Feb) was one of our sad-eyed tabbies (MW)

But we grieve their passing, even when we know that that final trip to the vet is the most loving gift we can give them at the end.  And that journey is always made with a loving hand to ease the last moments and let them know just how much we cared for them.

Romeo (Jan) liked to be in the tea-room where he might beg human food. (DW)

There are many conversations full of memories – remembering Romeo and the Timbits, Splotch and his shift from feral to lover, Gregory and how bonded he was with our beloved Dell….

Abby (June) was a small cat with a big personality (MW)

Here are just a few of the friends we lost in the past year.

Orange Daniel (Oct) is greatly missed by his buddy Cloverleaf (MW)

Bengal Jinx (Feb) was surrendered for peeing – but we loved her (MD)

Front courtyard Jinx (Dec) loved her sunbathing (MD)

Handsome Simba (Aug) took every opportunity to snuggle (PH)

Kiddie (Nov) has gone to be with his sister Sadie (MW)

Bonnie Boy (Nov) knew how handsome he was! (MW)

Emo Pickles’ (Sept) flattened ears belied his loving nature (PH)

Sweet Peppercorn (Oct) loved to have attention from humans (MW)

We don’t have a finite amount of love to share – every cat that walks into our hearts leaves a little bit of itself there, but there is still much love to be given to the newcomers who continue to come into our care.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Melanie Draper, Phaedra Hardman, Debbie Wolanski, Michele Wright