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Gizmo is a sweet orange boy who has recently come into our care – with an interesting back-story. We understand that he had a home, as a young cat – one where he was much loved. Many cats come to us unmarked: no tattoo, no microchip, no way of identifying them – their former owners obviously just don’t think it is important enough. Gizmo was clearly marked – so when he disappeared, his owners must have hoped that someone would find him and bring him home.


No luck… we imagine they did all the usual things of putting up notices and informing the local shelter, but no Gizmo. After a while they probably gave up hope, and assumed that a car or a coyote had got him. They mourned him, and got on with living.


Fast-forward 16 years. An orange cat was found, and his markings clearly identified him – his owners were called with the good news: “We have your cat!” “We don’t have a cat!” was the response. They were totally taken-aback to find that the cat they had lost so long ago was safe and sound. Obviously, someone had been caring for him, because he was in good condition. They were delighted to see him, and happy to have him back home. But things weren’t the same. In the interim, they had acquired a dog, and cat and dog took an immediate dislike to each other – so much so that it was obvious they couldn’t live together.


We haven’t been able to identify Gizmo’s interim home – he was never formally registered with a vet, or he would have been returned to his first family sooner.  Presumably the interim family, too, is mourning his loss – though not enough that they came and looked for him at the RAPS City Shelter. So Gizmo is now with us, in the Moore House.


He was caged for some time, as our new cats always are, and now he’s allowed to be out and about, he’s still often found in his cage, which he feels is his safe place. Like many of our Moore House cats, his advanced age (we think he’s about 18) means that he’s unlikely to be adopted at the 5 Road shelter (too many kittens!), but he might do well as an only cat in a quiet home, with a human who loves sweet ginger boys!


Update: poor Gizmo has to come off the “possibly adoptable” list – he has been diagnosed with megacolon, and will need constant medical monitoring.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Phaedra Hardman & Michele Wright