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Garrity is a senior semi-feral cat who I got to meet because she’s been given a cage in the doublewide where she’s under observation following some weight loss.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first went in her cage to give her dinner and refresh her water, but was pleasantly surprised to find she’s quite a sweetie. She’s a little nervous when first approached, but soon gives herself over to being softened and even starts up a pretty decent purr.

 On Monday, when famous med cage interloper and med staff leg-clawer Spike had been confined to a another cage by a frustrated Leslie, he found himself bunking with Garrity. Interestingly (and rather endearingly), both cats decided to embrace the arrangement and were soon contently sharing a blanket and allowing me to stroke them both at once.

I was interested in the origins of the name “Garrity,” as it’s an unusual one. Marianne remembers when the little cat arrived at the sanctuary several years ago, she would get sometimes get referred to as “that ugly dark tortie.” Thinking this hardly seemed right, she gave her the name of someone she used to know who had been so-named “because her last name was Smith and her parents wanted her to have a distinctive first name.” Marianne says she always thought it was a great name and “somehow suited the little cat.”

Garrity used to hiss when approached, but Marianne agrees she’s turned into a sweetie who’s “still a bit shy but fast on the purr when given some gentle pats.”

Updated April 18, 2011: Her health finally failing her, Garrity left us today. She was a sweetheart and will be missed.




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