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Formal-wear Friends

This week’s blog comes to us from volunteer PAULINE CHIN
Some of our overlooked cats are also the most sharply dressed in black and white fur – the tuxedos.  Here are some newer arrivals:

Mabel – PC

Pretty Mabel arrived at the end of 2018, alongside Midnight, Solar, and Libby.  She’s still a little shy around strangers, but warms up with a slow approach.  Her white mask has black markings that come to a sharp point like a beak.  Paired with her gold eyes, her looks make her stand out from the crowd.

Luke – BC

We recently took in three black & tuxedo boys.  Gomez initially tested positive for FeLV, but a subsequent test cleared him, and his friendliness made him a candidate for adoption at the City Shelter. He came in with Luke and Taylor, but was the friendliest of the bunch.  His buddies have remained with us. Luke is the tuxedo, with a black spot on his pink nose, and is currently wary of humans.  All-black Taylor is more open to human interaction, but still keeps his guard up.  Luke will scale the walls when he’s in fear mode.  Both have moved from their cage to the deck of the Double-Wide.  They both seem to like toys, although they would prefer we’re not around to watch them play.

Smudge – BC

Smudge was partly socialized when he arrived.  A woman had been feeding him for a while, but he was still wary of touch.  Once in our care, Smudge recognized his name and used to peek out from the curtain when called.  Now he sleeps on the mattress out on the deck.  He will let us pet him if we approach slowly and quietly.  Sudden, or loud noises cause him to vanish like the wind.  His key marking is the pair of white spots on his lips.

Jolene – BC

One of Smudge’s feral friends is Jolene.  She has a black face and a white jaw.  She’s another untouchable kitty.  Jolene is fascinated by the laser toy, or if you’re creative, an object reflecting sunlight.

Bodhi – BC

Recent arrival Bodhi is 4 years old.  He’s from a hoarding situation and requires us to win his trust.  Approaching him gently is the key to opening him up, otherwise he’ll enter defensive mode.  Once he relaxes, we can pet him and brush him heartily.  He’s coming around quickly. We hope he’ll grow into his name, which means “wisdom”!


Whiskers – MW

And then there’s Whiskers. This 12 year old arrived a year ago.  He’s another typical surrender with the story of inappropriate urination.  Looking at his tattered ears gives the impression he was a bruiser at some point, possibly even the alpha male of a colony.  He’s certainly large enough and knows how to strut his stuff!  Upon release, he often stood his ground and showed off his dominance against other male cats.  Over time, his demeanor softened and now he seeks attention from us.  Whiskers wears confidence and a smug expression.  Sometimes he’s mistaken for Squeakers, but Squeakers is not one to stand out.  Instead, he just looks for a lap to rest on and to be fawned over like a baby.

Squeakers – MW

I would say tuxedos are one of the only cat colours who aren’t known for any cattitude, superstition, or stereotypes. These are only a handful of our many tuxedos, ranging from feral to friendly, young to old.  Do you have any favourites?

Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Pauline Chin, Brigid Coult, Michele Wright