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Five from Five Road: 4 & 5 – The Senior Ladies – Bluebell and Venus

This is the final installment in a series of stories about five cats who were recently transferred to the Cat Sanctuary from the Richmond City Shelter because they were considered unadoptable.

Bluebell is a pretty blue-eyed blond girl who was surrendered because it seems that, for all of her twelve years, she never did learn to use a litter box.  Since her arrival at the sanctuary, there have been a variety of innovative attempts (paper in the litter box, various types of litter in the litter box, a bit of her “droppings” in the litter box, etc.) to get her to see the error of her ways, but with very limited success, if any.  And now she’s out and about, her litter box is fair game for all the other cats. So, despite being  gorgeous, friendly and playful, Bluebell’s status unfortunately remains as “unadoptable”.

She seems quite content to hang out with the other cats in the Moore trailer and be admired by everyone who sees her.

Phaedra says “Bluebell seems to be getting cuddles from lots of people so I’ve been focusing on the play aspect. There is not a single toy in her trailer that she hasn’t enjoyed playing with. She is quite mischievous and tries to get out the front door even though I suspect she doesn’t really want out. I swear she was laughing at me on Thursday when she ducked past me and I carried her back inside.”

Venus has been moved around quite a bit in her thirteen years, which may account for her occasionally demonstrating some  “cattitude”. She was surrendered to RAPS in 2012 because her owner was moving and couldn’t take Venus along.  She was adopted soon after but surrendered again about six months later.  Maybe it’s because, although she’s friendly and loves people, she can get a bit over-excited and give a playful nip or two. After spending about six months at RAPS’ City Shelter, that habit resulted in her being labelled as unadoptable and she was transferred to the Moore trailer at the cat sanctuary, where she’s still working things out with rest of the “divas” in the building.

She’s quick to jump on a lap for cuddles but not willing to share that lap with any of the other cats.  Phaedra reports that “Venus is one of those cats you have to take things slow with to get to know her. She doesn’t take kindly to you taking liberties with her and lets you know when you’ve gone too far. She lets you know she’s there when food is around but I haven’t found the way she likes to be petted just yet.”

Divas in the Moore House is too right! And these two sure add to the collection!

Blog by Marianne Moore
Pictures by Phaedra Hardman, Marianne Moore and Michele Wright