Cat Sanctuary

Five From Five Road: 1 – Lucky

Cats who are unlikely to be adopted from RAPS’ City Shelter on Number 5 Road are sometimes transferred to RAPS’ Cat Sanctuary. Two possible reasons for a cat being considered unadoptable are bad litter box habits or bad attitude.  Fortunately for such cats, neither of those issues is a problem at the Sanctuary, where a loving home is available for cats who, for whatever reason, have run out of other options. With plenty of space there for them to enjoy, plus patience and love from staff, volunteers and visitors alike, some cats have been known to overcome the behaviour that made them unadoptable!
This is the first of a series of stories about five cats who were recently transferred to the Cat Sanctuary from the Richmond City Shelter, where they were considered unadoptable.

Lucky, a purebred 8-year old  Bengal, has litter box “issues” so his chances of being adopted were not good, despite his handsome appearance and cheerful nature. He spent his first few weeks at the sanctuary in a large, walk-in cage while he got used to us and vice-versa. His good looks alone were enough to get him some attention at first and, when he turned out to be such a nice boy, he won everyone over.

Many Cat Sanctuary volunteers will remember Zulu, another Bengal who lived at the Sanctuary for several years. Lucky is just as exotic-looking as Zulu but not nearly as vocal!

Almost as  soon as Lucky was allowed to venture out of his cage, he decided that being outside was just too good an opportunity to pass up. He’s still exploring the back courtyard but, at least for the time being, seems to have chosen the first pen on the right as the best place to be.

I tracked him down there recently and we had a very pleasant visit.  Although he was much too interested in everything around him to settle down on my lap for more than a few seconds, he was happy to climb up onto my shoulder where he could get a good view of what was going on in the pen behind me. There’s still just so much for him to see and do in his new home and he seems very happy to discover it all!

Blog by Marianne Moore
Pictures by Michele Wright