Cat Sanctuary


Fido came to the RAPS sanctuary after Debbie’s neighbors alerted her to a cat who’d been hanging around their complex, apparently going door to door and meowing in hopes that someone might take pity and feed him. When he was brought in and given the standard check-up for new arrivals, he was found to already have a shelter tattoo. This revealed that he’d been at the Chilliwack SPCA as a youth, where he’d been neutered (placing his current age at around 2-3) and given the name of Fido. Debbie thinks he must have been adopted by people in Chilliwack who then moved to Richmond, likely even to her complex, then moved away again and left Fido behind.

Fido can initially come across as a somewhat unapproachable cat, not because he’s likely to lash out – far from it – but because he’s not always terribly responsive. The first few times I met him, he’d let me pet him without protest, but there was nothing I could do to coax him to move from the prone position I’d found him in.

And then I brought in a stick of matatabi. After repeated snubbings by the cats in the front courtyard, I wandered into the teens building. There I found my first taker.

The next time I saw him, Debbie told me his story. She felt for him since he so often seems to feel a little down and she echoed my observation that it can be tough to get through to him enough for him to bother getting out of bed. She has managed to get a response out of him, though, and is even able to hold and cuddle him.

Seeing me with Debbie, Fido must have decided I was OK. Not only did he stand up for me, but he treated me to his very best cat dance of showing off. After that, I couldn’t resist picking him up for a cuddle…. and was rewarded with a contented purr.

Debbie thinks Fido would do well in a new home and would love to see him adopted. As would I. Such a nice boy, and so loving once he realizes it’s safe to show it.

Updated May 13, 2011:  Fido sadly had to go to the rainbow bridge this week. Staff noticed he seemed to be feeling poorly lately. When he went to the vet, X-rays revealed a large mass in his chest. Hate to see him go, but would hate even more to see him suffer.

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