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Fergus has been living in the New AIDS house for a few years, but you’d never know to look at him that he’s FIV positive. He’s a big, friendly black & white cat who loves nothing better than some quality lap time with one of his many human friends.

Claire, Fergus (center) and friends  Photo provided by Vincent

Just before the picture above was taken, I wanted to see how much time passed between when I sat down and when the first cat climbed into my lap. It took them the same amount of time it took me to lift my hand and look at my watch.

Fergus was having ear problems for a while there: infection, strange growths, concern over cancer… Fortunately, the growths turned out to be benign and Fergus only needed some antibiotics for the ear infection to fix him up. All of this necessitated a number of vet visits and tests though, which needed to be paid for.

RAPS is very lucky to have the support of the Helfer Wellness Fund, which was set up by Tricia Helfer (well known to Battlestar Galactica fans as Number 6) and her sister Tara to make sure that RAPS can give cats like Fergus the veterinary care they need. Check out the fund’s blog for stories on Fergus, Sweet Pea and others.



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