Cat Sanctuary

Everybody Loved Mario

As many of you have probably heard, either directly from friends at RAPS or via the RAPS Facebook page, the sanctuary lost one of our most prominent residents this week: our dear Mario.

Mario was famously loved by the other cats at the sanctuary, and would rarely be seen without a few members of his harem trailing after him as he sauntered around the place or tucking themselves in around him whenever he paused somewhere for a snooze. Shy ferals were particularly fond of him, and his laid-back ways even taught a few of them to like us humans a bit too.
Sadly, all the love in the world, both human and feline, couldn’t stop the cancer that took him away from us.
Mario was such a big presence at the sanctuary that we’ll all be feeling his absence for a long time to come. Here are a few photos from the past months celebrating our Romeo and showing him in all his glory, surrounded by cat friends who adored him.