Cat Sanctuary


I’ve lately been experiencing something of a domino effect of friendliness in the front courtyard. First Cozy recommended me to Pickle, then Shady wanted in on the action. Then, while I was getting in some nice portrait shots of Shady, a pretty little tabby with white bib and socks started doing every cat dance she knew to charm me into paying attention to her as well.

Lisa tells me her name is Esme and describes her as shy but very sweet. Esme and her sister Abby have been with RAPS since they were kittens.

With her pretty face, Esme looks like the kind of cat somebody or other would want to take home with them. And indeed, Esme did get adopted at one point, but it didn’t work out. Lisa explains: “As with many of the semi-feral who are exceptionally sweet at the shelter, she just couldn’t handle the change of scenery.” Lisa, Leslie and Carol had to go and hunt Esme down in the home of the lady who’d adopted her, finally finding her “curled into a tight little ball, scared out of her mind behind the water heater.”

And so back Esme came to the sanctuary, where she’s been living happily ever since. “She does really well at the shelter” says Lisa, “and often comes around when other cats are out for some love.”


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