Cat Sanctuary


Elmo is Princess’s brother and, even without seeing them together side by side, the family resemblance is clear.

Marianne introduced me to him on the weekend when he was sunning himself out in the back courtyard. She warned me he could be a little shy, but he must have been satisfied with her having vetted me out, since he quite readily decided that we could be friends.

Elmo can be a little timid when it comes to other cats, I noticed, as he would back away anytime another cat tried to muscle in on his cuddle time. Leslie says this is one of the reasons he looks thinner than his sister. His coat’s not as soft and shiny either, but then he doesn’t have Martin grooming him as Princess does.

Elmo does seem to do OK, though. Here he is with Cookie and Salty, with whom he soon after showed himself to be ease enough to enjoy a three cat cuddle as they all vied for my attention.

Cookie, Elmo, and Salty

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