Cat Sanctuary


Back in May, the RAPS Blog did a post titled Cat Sponsorship is a Gift of Love which featured three of the many cats who would benefit from sponsors (see my post on Panda for more information on the program). One of these is Elizabeth, “a friendly, well-mannered senior who loves attention” and who had at that time been at the sanctuary a year and a half and is still waiting for her chance to go to “a new forever home.”

“Elizabeth’s Story — A tabby named Elizabeth lived with a woman and her brother for 9 years. When the brother died, the woman was distraught and went to live with relatives in Germany. Sweet, gentle Elizabeth was given to a friend, but the cat was traumatized by the loss of her family and didn’t adapt well to her new home. When Elizabeth was surrendered to RAPS, we were told that her original owner might return to Canada in 6 months time and reclaim her cat. Sadly, that day never came.”

We sometimes see that, cats surrendered with a hope or a promise to return and take them home. Best of intentions, but sometimes the change in situation that would make it possible never comes. And so cats like Elizabeth still make their home at the sanctuary.

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