Cat Sanctuary

Earl Grey

Taken last June of what was for the longest time a mystery cat, this remains one of my favorite early pictures at the sanctuary.

I now know him as Earl Grey, a name given to him a number of months ago by Linda when she found that nobody could remember what name he’d be given when he was first brought in.

Earl Grey is thought to be the brother of our sometimes bully Diablo, but the resemblance between them is pretty much limited to the physical. Laura describes Earl grey as a big boy like Diablo “but with a slimmer, more muscular physique.” She says he “loves to be brushed and is actually the friendlier of the two brothers.”

Indeed, more often than not, my pictures of Earl Grey show him upside down, stretching out a paw to knead the air, or scooting forward for a closer spot to receive cuddles.








So why is such an attractive, friendly boy still even at the sanctuary? “Unfortunately,” says Laura, “He’s a prolific pee-er (a trick he learned from the Terror Triplets, Sam, Bart and Louie, I think) so is unlikely to ever find a home. He doesn’t seem unhappy at the shelter, however, and doesn’t seem to find it necessary to bully the other cats like his brother does.”

Footnote: This handsome boy was diagnosed with FeLV (feline leukemia); renamed Merlin, he is now happily living in the Old Aids area.




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