Cat Sanctuary


Dusty is a recent arrival at the sanctuary. I’m afraid I can’t say much about his life up until now, as he came to us one night in late December when a member of staff found him in a cardboard box that someone had left by the stairs of the kitten trailer, a building that borders on the parking lot.

Meeting Dusty, it’s hard to imagine him being abandoned on a doorstep. He’s so cheerful and friendly, for a start, that the idea of anybody deciding the didn’t want him is hard to fathom. And perhaps it’s a function of his cheerful disposition as well, but he’s entirely unphased by the change in living environment. I heard from Gaye that he needed little or no adjustment period to get used to life at the sanctuary (compare this to the cats who need days or weeks in the safety of a cage before they’re ready to accept the idea that they live in a cat group home rather than a human family home).

He’s definitely a cat who knows how to make is own fun. When I went to visit him, he’d found a toy mouse that he was absolutely enthralled with and spent most of the time pouncing on it or flinging it over his head. He was quite pleased to spend some time with me as well… as long as I agreed to play mouse with him.

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