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Diamond & Garfield – for Mothers’ Day…

I often have great photographs come my way from the many people who work in the single-wide trailer – and many of those pictures are of our favourite Mom-&-Son pair: Diamond and Garfield.
There’s really not much to add to the notes from the blog entry last November, but there are lots of images to share.

Diamond – MW

Garfield – MW

Once you’ve got past the Dryer Gang at the doorway, Diamond and Garfield are often the first cats you’ll meet; their usual territory is the bed under the medicine cabinet.  Unlike the Dryer Gang, they are not anxious for your attention – the usual D&G day goes: wake-up, litter-box, snack, snooze, snack some more, doze, cuddle, snack again, snooze….  You get the picture…

A pile of D&G – PH

Garfield especially likes to be around to help at meal-times – on the principle that quality control is always appreciated.

Did someone say chicken? – DW

They both have that cat fascination for small boxes…

If it fits, I sits – MW / CP

When they first came to us, we felt that their need for each other was probably at least in part a stress reaction, but after almost a year in the Single-Wide, it’s apparent that it’s a very real attachment.

Sharing a tender moment – DW

With all the space in the building, it’s funny how often you’ll find these two sharing a small bed…


Or piled on top of each other…


Or simply touching paws


We would love to find a home for these two beautiful big cats, but it would need to be somewhere committed to keeping them together.
In the meantime, they are greatly loved by all who visit, and Diamond takes the title for Best-Known Mom at the Sanctuary.


Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Phaedra Hardman, Chris Peters, Debbie Wolanski, Michele Wright