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When I got to know Cecilia last autumn, I was told that she and a grey longhair named Desi were inseparable. Well, either they were on the outs or my timing was just unlucky, but for ages I never ever saw them together. In fact, while Cecilia would often come to say hello, I hardly saw anything of Desi, period.

And then this week, at last, I was able to see the duo for myself:

Although not nearly as outgoing and confident as Cecilia, at least not with someone he doesn’t know very well, Desi did let me stroke him a little and appeared to enjoy it. Pretty good for a former feral! Leslie tells me he was trapped as an adult on Desmond Street in Richmond and that’s how he got the name “Desi.”

She also describes him as just a “gentle, gentle timid boy.” He’s a sweet guy – no wonder Cecilia is so fond of him.

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