Cat Sanctuary


Some cats are roamers who like to expand their area of operation into the largest perimeter they can patrol. Others are content with a smaller space just so long as it is completely, utterly, and quite uncontestably theirs.

This is Deety’s space:

And he’s more than content with it.

So rarely does he move from this shelf that Vincent has given him the nickname of “Furniture Cat.” There’s even a sign posted on the wall above him to prevent well-meaning volunteers from moving his bed elsewhere. Conventional cat care wisdom says that cats would rather not have their bed, food and litter box in such close proximity, but Deety likes his little home just the way it is.

He also likes his soft toy, a white fleece gingerbread man of the type one often sees in the dog toy section of pet supply stores. Correction, loves his toy. Sometimes he loves it with an intensity and vigor that may make visitors with small children wish to cover questioning eyes…

As Barbara writes on her Flickr page where she features many RAPS cats, “Deety is a funny little boy… and a character to be sure.” That he is.

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