Cat Sanctuary


This handsome ginger fellow lives in the doublewide trailer at the sanctuary and can often be found on top of the cages
Danny is a longtime resident of the sanctuary. Leslie remembers when he first came in he was in a cage together with some ferals, so it was unclear whether he was feral himself or just a frightened stray. Either way, it didn’t take him long to lose his fear of the humans caring for him.







While he seems to like human attention for cuddles’ sake well enough, what Danny is most enthusiastic about is food. Teaming up with cats like Dekka (pictured below), Minky and Shadrack, he dances, rubs and generally pulls out all the cuteness stops in a performance put on by the group most evenings at dinnertime. Like Dekka, he’s also been known to reach down and paw at the head of a human standing within range if the dance routine alone isn’t getting results quite quickly enough for a hungry kitty’s taste.

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