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Although far from being a kitten, Creampuff is a happy resident of the kitten trailer. We don’t know just how old she is, but Leslie says “she’s definitely getting up there.”
And we can’t help but indulge our senior residents in a little extra comfort when we’re able.

Although the details of her background are a bit sketchy, it seems that Creampuff came from the home of a woman who was suffering from emotional problems and not living in the best conditions. Once she came to RAPS, however,

“She immediately won everyone’s hearts and almost went home with one of our retired volunteers, but then it became clear that she had a variety of health problems, not the least of which is her incontinence. Creampuff seems to have decided that litter boxes make nice ornaments.”

With a spacious room practically to herself and a comfy blanket arranged just so, Creampuff can give the impression of a slightly raggedy grande dame holding court. And yet she is not at all snobbish but welcomes a friendly smile and a soft hand with pleasure. It’s hard not to have a bit of a soft spot for “The Puff.”

Updated July 5, 2010: Sadly, our raggedy grande dame passed away last night. Gaye was with her, keeping her comfortable and keeping her company, right to the end.
The kitten trailer is now noticeably missing the presence of this little white fluffer perched on her blanket. We’ll all miss her personality and her funny little face. And Ann, in particular, will be missing a playmate.
Ann remembers:

“My favourite activity (and I hope hers) was to wrap her in a towel and take her outside the kitten trailer. The reason for the towel was not because she’d get cold, but when the planes would pass overhead she would duck herself down into the towel. But once the planes passed she’d pop her head out! Much like a Jack in the box. 
That and the Cream Puff Shuffle.”

Phaedra and Debbie also remember the Creampuff shuffle, a little dance she’d do if you scooped up her front end, with big fond smiles.

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