Cat Sanctuary

Chris’ Orange Kitties

It’s astonishing how many of our volunteers come on an initial Sunday visit, and can’t bear to leave the place. Many – like me – are hesitant at first; we have this nasty little suspicion that our lives are about to be taken over; and we are so right!
Volunteer Chris initially came only on Sundays, but the Sanctuary got its metaphorical claws into him, and he just kept coming back. Chris has a touch with cats – they relax around him – and it wasn’t long before he joined the team of Kitty Comforters

Snuggling with Bobby…

Many of us keep our cellphones handy to snap a picture of this cat or that – perhaps they’re up to something cute, or we need to have Leslie ID an unknown kitty for us. The real quality photos are taken by people like Michele, with a discerning eye and great lenses. But Chris gets some great shots with his cellphone, and I’m going to share some of his orange cats with you this weekend. The orange cats aren’t his only favourites – you only have to watch him with Bobby to know that – but there are some wonderful faces here!

Little Orange catching some zzzzs…

Kevin – keeping toes warm

Front courtyard Lucky

Albi and Chimo … contemplating catnip

Gilbert – with that Mona Lisa smile

Buster Baby – contemplating how miserable life is…

and how can we have an orange-cat gallery without Garfield?

(Short) blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Chris Peters & Debbie Wolanski