Cat Sanctuary


The sign on the door of the cage where Chloe was living when I first met her had a strange combination of information:

  1. she is a semi-feral
  2. she had been adopted out from RAPS as an 8-week old kitten

This didn’t quite compute for me. Not tame but lived in a home all this time? It turned out that when her adoptive family found her uncomfortable with the idea of being handled, they didn’t push her and just let her be. And so she never did learn to be comfortable with people touching her.

Leslie expresses regret that the people never thought to ask RAPS staff for help or advice on socializing Chloe. RAPS may have been able to suggest a few techniques that would help them win her trust. Now 7, Chloe is back with RAPS. She was surrendered in the end, not to due her people problem, but to severe allergies.

For a long time, her cage was one to enter with caution. Too fast a movement or too close a placement of water or food dish could lead to a serious swat.

By early February, the cage door was open and Chloe was free to come out… when she was ready. It took a little while (a premature visit by friendly ambassador Squirrel was quickly rebuffed), but she did venture forth in time.

Now she’s doing very well, out and about and letting us approach a little closer all the time. Last week she even accepted a little food I placed in front of her, a little wide-eyed perhaps, but no fleeing and no swatting.

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