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Checking in with Cats of Blog Posts Past


Wonder of wonders, Aurora is out of her cage! True, she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, but still…







Major renovation work recently started on the building where she’d been living up until recently. With the whole inside being gutted and rebuilt, including the cages, cats who’d been housed there before naturally had to be moved somewhere else. As her preference for cage dwelling is well known, Aurora was given portable cage in another building. She stayed there for a time, the one day there she was snoozing in a bed on the table next to the cage. Now she seems quite pleased with her new little corner of the world and is even making a few new friends.


Baby has also left her cage recently, though in her case no convincing was needed to embrace broader horizons. Now she’s in the front yard and looking quite pleased with herself.

I’d wondered if her obsession with swatting at other cats who came near the door of her cage would continue or even escalate once she was free to roam around and swat at will, but this doesn’t appear the case. If anything, it seems like she just likes reaching through barriers – evidenced by her cheerfully pawing at me through the fence as I was coming through the gate the other day. Once I was on the same side of the fence as she, it was all purrs and cuddles.


Somewhere along the line, Grizzy concluded that the world hated him and so he wasn’t going to let anyone near without a defensive hiss and swat. The fact that cats like Groucho unaccountably decided to start beating up on him certainly didn’t help.

How to convince a cat who thinks he’s friendless that he’s wrong? We kept trying, but were consistently rebuffed. Then slowly it seemed like he perhaps wasn’t swatting quite as hard. More time passed, and he’d allow himself to be touched – if food was part of the bargain. Finally, he started to show signs of wanting a few pets, food or no.

We’re so glad he’s beginning to understand that he has a few people on his side after all.






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