Cat Sanctuary


If things had gone according to plan, Chatter would have been a different cat and had a different name.

A number of years ago, Gaye was trying to trap a stray who was causing trouble and starting fights with other cats in the neighborhood. This cat turned out to be “trap smart” and successfully eluded capture but another cat, a hungry orange stray, did venture into the trap and so this was who Gaye ending up bringing in.

She named him Chedder after the colour of his fur, but the vet misheard and wrote down “Chatter.” Upon reflection, Gaye decided this was in fact the perfect name for the cat who who had chattered to her all the way to the vet’s.

On a sunny day like today, Chatter can be found relaxing in the back area of the sanctuary. A friendly guy, he’ll come running if called… particularly if Gaye’s the one calling him. And, as he was running around, accepting attention from Gaye, Shannon and I, a cheerful little “mrrp, mrrp” could be heard as he made good on his name.