Cat Sanctuary

Certified Pre-Owned Cats

Some cats at the RAPS sanctuary can’t be adopted out for reasons ranging from behavioural problems to simple incontinence. That still leaves a good selection of cats who would do well in a home, but I was surprised when I was told how few are adopted out, and most of those to volunteers.

True, the sanctuary is more of a long-term facility, with the most adoptable cats (including all kittens) being sent to the main RAPS shelter on No. 5 Road in Richmond, but even there it make take some time before they can be placed in a good home. My two were meant to go there, as were others, but there was no room.

Part of the problem has to be that so many prospective adopters are stuck on the idea of getting a kitten. I don’t really get this to be honest. Is it simply the cuteness factor (admittedly high) or are people applying new vs. used car logic?

The Michigan Humane Society is currently taking advantage of used car the analogy in a clever ad campaign to promote the adoption of adult cats. Check out their ad and the article in The Consumerist.

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