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A story from Leslie (first published in The Love Blog in July 2009)
“RAPS receives many calls from companies that have discovered cats and kittens living on their properties. Little Cecilia was found with kittens and 2 other black/white adults at a seafood cannery in Richmond. RAPS found homes for the kittens and the 3 young adults came to live at the sanctuary, where they became tame and friendly cats. Cecilia befriended a shy, long-haired grey male named Desi and the 2 are inseparable.”
Desi was off doing cat stuff when I took the picture above, giving Cecilia the opportunity to lobby for a little MeMeMe! time, meowing, dancing and generally showing off from her perch on top of this storage unit where we keep our buckets.

From the RAPS website:
RAPS History

“Our organization was founded in 1989 by dedicated animal lovers who recognized the dangers to cats living on city streets, in alleys and industrial areas. There was no group helping the feral (wild) offspring of lost and abandoned cats. Cats that were wild, or tame but frightened, were quickly killed when taken to city animal control pounds throughout the Vancouver region that were then operated by another organization.

Volunteers took on the task and expense of trapping cats, spaying and neutering them, and providing veterinary care. Tame cats were fostered, and wild cats released where feeding stations were set up so that fresh food and water could be provided daily. Found kittens were fostered, tamed and adopted to loving homes.”

The problem of feral cats living in industrial areas and other places they may be seen as pests or otherwise come to harm is one faced by humane and protection societies in many areas.

Here’s a link to the Canadian Federation of Human Societies page on feral cats.

In the US, October 16th is National Feral Cat Day. An article by Stacy Mantle for describes the experience of helping feral colony on a past National Feral Cat Day. I like the quote she leads off with:

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.                                        –  Saint Francis of Assisi

Update September 13, 2010: I’ve just found out and sad to report that we’ve lost Cecilia. She wasn’t feeling terribly well this summer and when blood work was done, everyone was shocked to discover she had leukemia. She was moved to the leukemia room, but her condition turned out to be already quite advanced, and so she was not with us much longer.

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