Cat Sanctuary


Carreen is a sweet, young tabby female with unusually rounded ear tips.

She was brought in last week after someone reported a cat thought to have been hit by a car in west Richmond. Carreen’s left hind leg is so badly broken that it was initially suggested that amputation might be necessary. Fortunately, we were then told this extreme treatment may well not be necessary at all, particularly since the leg doesn’t seem to be bothering her. Our vet thinks this may in fact be an old injury.

Yes – amazingly, Carreen does not show any signs of being in pain. The pain patch she had when she first came in has been removed and she is currently on no pain medication at all. And yet she’s bright eyed, responsive and really, really wants to cuddle. I was way more bothered than she was when she got so enthusiastic about me stroking her that she stood up and I caught sight of this back leg being held at weird angle. Lisa says not to worry as Carreen’s quite fine to move around in her cage.

Could this be our Lincoln all over again? Or another version of Ann’s cat Muffin, so famous for “That Leg”? Hard to say what will need to be done about Carreen’s take on That Leg, but for now it’s cage rest for her and a bit of wait and see for us.



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