Cat Sanctuary


Cara came to RAPS from a smaller, much more informal type of shelter arrangement. A lady had opened her home to in the neighborhood of 30 homeless cats including Cara and, as it turns out, RAPS alumni Moosha.

Unfortunately for this informal feline group home, the house was only rented and when the owner decided to sell, the tenant was unable to relocate both herself and her numerous charges. And so she called RAPS.

Cara was a shy girl when she first came to the sanctuary but even then, she always loved having her tummy rubbed.

Knowing her now, it’s hard to picture her as a timid cat. She’s become one of those cats who are tricky to photograph because with very little encouragement she’s wriggling around in anticipation of a rubdown or she’s in your face as she gears up for a friendly headbutt or two.

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