Cat Sanctuary

Calendar 2019 Out-Takes

It’s coming…. it’s coming….

Jasper: “Listen up, folks!”

It’s almost time for the new RAPS Cat Sanctuary Calendar for 2019!

Reefer: “Did you say it’s coming?”

Once again, photographer Michele Wright provided a great selection of photos from the Sanctuary inhabitants, and once again, it was hard to make choices, and to bring the final numbers down to the chosen fourteen.

Pico: “Where is it?”

We hope that you will hurry to get your calendars ordered so you can see who made it – and so that you can plan your Christmas lists so that you can give Cat Sanctuary gifts to all your friends and families.

Palma – we loved the colours of this

The photos in this blog are some of the ones we loved, but that for one reason or another just didn’t make it into the final selection.  Sometimes it was because we already had a photo of that cat; sometimes we didn’t need another black one; sometimes it was a good shot, but perhaps not a calendar picture you might want for an entire month.

Handsome tortie Blaze was just beaten by another tortie.

I’d asked Michele for a couple of pair or group shots, and we loved this one of Walker and Capilano playing together.  But for me, one of Michele’s talents is eye-contact with cats, and these guys weren’t watching the camera!

Walker is the only creature Capilano loves

Pico is so photogenic!  But she’d already featured in the 2018 calendar, and much as we love her, it was too soon for a repeat – plus, we already had a tree-climber!

Pico is a fearless climber

Everyone who works in the Single-Wide knows and loves Bossanova – though his love isn’t given to everyone! His was the last photo that we reluctantly moved into the “not 2019” column.

Life is a serious business for Bossanova

Sophia always reminds me of an elderly lady with wild hair – especially, when she’s just had a body-shave to deal with her constantly-matting fur!  She was a cat I ended up deciding not to add because she one of our old Moore House cats, and therefore a bit more fragile than some. It’s so hard when we lose a calendar cat, and have to see their image months after they’ve gone. We lost Tricia and Faith who featured in the 2018 calendar; Sophia and another couple of cats ended up being put in the “no” pile for potential health reasons.

Sophia says “We are not amused!”

Looking over these photos, I can’t help but smile – but I think you’ll be smiling too, when you see the photos in Calendar 2019. Copies will be available in all the RAPS facilities – the 5 Road City Shelter, the 6 Road Sanctuary, both Thrift Stores and at the Hospital as well as online – and they make wonderful Christmas gifts.
When you give, they live… every calendar sold supports RAPS cat-care.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Michele Wright