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Buster Comes Home!

Buster was introduced to us by Claire here and here. Any volunteer working in the Moore House will have stories to tell about this unhappy boy.  But that was in the days before Maureen came into his life!

I remember the first time we saw Buster!  It was our first visit to the cat sanctuary and my sisters and I had parked our car next to the Moore House.  Once out of the car we saw him, a glorious white mass of fur rubbing up against the mesh wall of the patio. Chris reached in to pat him and woosh…out came a claw and the warning ‘stay away from the big white guy’ was born!

Buster – PH

Easier said than done: I found myself feeling sorry for Buster more and more as the weeks, then months went by.  We always finished up our volunteer hours (yes, we immediately wanted to become volunteers after visiting the sanctuary) in the Moore house and I tried to befriend Buster in different ways.  But to no avail.  It was even noticed by others that he hated the sound of my voice, which would be LOUD, and displayed this by leaving when I would show up.  If I sat on the patio – he went in. If I sat on the couch inside the trailer – he would go out on the patio.

Buster – PH

When I first decided to share the idea that had been floating around in my head of taking Buster home, no matter what audience I had, the response was always the same …”Are you insane?!”  I was convinced it would be impossible for Buster to keep up with his façade of despising cats AND humans forever therefore; on Christmas Eve it was my pleasure to be able to pick the big boy up…he was after all part of the master plan.  Thanks to Leslie not worrying about losing digits or having parts of her face rendered unrecognizable within minutes, we managed to net him and get him in a kennel.   And it wasn’t until the unveiling in his new home did Buster decide life could be good!  He came out purring and has not stopped for two months.

Apparently I get a larger garden planted just for me in the spring!

His very first night in his new home was spent by my head on a pillow.  He has now since moved down to the end of the bed because I think my snoring bothers him…I’m trying to keep it down.

Just resting my eyes….. zzzzzz…

Buster is a lovely, loving boy.

Must be hugged regularly

I did not expect him to turn around so quickly.  He follows me around like a puppy dog and is perfectly trained…he does not sharpen his claws on the furniture and keeps his potty area clean.  I now have him on a grain free diet to help with his weight and we do a lot of playing on my deck with his pom-pom ball and a laser light at night.

One of many sunrises together on the catio! Lovely… now where’s my beef pate?

He will be looking and feeling better soon as he no longer has to eat to forget! Buster would also like his bio to include that he is afraid of lady bugs, TV and the wind. He enjoys baroque chamber music and is learning sign language.

My mommy says the King of Venice rules the body pillow tonight
– Bellissimo!

Esconced in purple velvet….

Fun times are ahead for Buster & Maureen!

Fun times are ahead for Buster & Maureen!

Blog by Maureen Lahaise
Photos by Phaedra Hardman and Maureen Lahaise