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Not long ago, a reader asked if I would do a story about Bree, a beautiful 10 month old girl who was one of the “urban barn” cats rescued by RAPS last summer.

Known to sanctuary staff and volunteers for a sweet, cuddly and upbeat personality, Bree became known to a wider circle of RAPS friends and helpers when chronic congestion turned into something serious enough that she could neither eat nor breathe properly. Thanks to the efforts of many, RAPS was able to raise enough money to pay for a rhinoscopy and the removal of a non-cancerous growth at the back of her mouth.

I was hoping to do a cheerful follow-up to Marianne’s newsletter article, talking about how little Bree is continuing to thrive, “eating and breathing like a healthy kitten should.”

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the sanctuary this evening, I was greeted by a sign on which was written a plea to help Bree a second time. Although the procedure to remove her nasal polyp was a success, it has now grown back. Unable to eat at all on her own and only able to breathe with difficulty, Bree needs another, more invasive surgery to get rid of the growth once and for all.

This will cost up to $2,500.

Updated April 2, 2010: Bree had a few surgeries this past week, scaring us for a bit for a little while there, but as of today she’s back at the sanctuary and, Debbie reports, is both eating well and grooming herself. What a trooper!

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