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Boo Boo

Back in March, Ann took me to meet Harley’s sister, Boo Boo. Although black and white rather than grey and white, Boo Boo shares her brother’s eyes and they both have the same skittish look with people they don’t know very well.

Since that time, Harley has progressed to running out to meet me when he sees me in the doublewide, and will sometimes even sit on my lap for a moment or two. Seeing my progress with him, the other day Ann hauled me off to go and see his sister, who I really had meant to go and get to know better earlier, but got repeatedly waylaid by other more assertively friendly cats.

Ann tells me that Boo Boo had grown quite friendly, but since has gotten kind of lost among all the friendly, outgoing cats living in the singlewide that she’s started slipping back into skittishness. Not exactly progress, and so Ann hopes that Boo Boo can have a few more people seeking her out and spending a little time with her so that she doesn’t forget to like people in general and not just the select few she’s already used to.


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