Cat Sanctuary

Bonnie Boy

A while back, two feral kittens, sister and brother, were brought in to the sanctuary together. They were given the names Bonnie & Clyde. One, Bonnie, tamed up quite readily, while the other wasn’t so interested in fraternizing with human folk.


It was only after returning from a trip to the vet that staff and volunteers realized the friendly girl kitty they’d been thinking of as Bonnie was actually the boy, Clyde. By that time, though, the name had stuck. And so Bonnie came to be known as Bonnie Boy.

Bonnie Boy lives in the single wide trailer and continues to be a most personable cat.

Recently, he’s decided I’m to be one of his buddies and has launched a campaign of determined friendliness. He is more than willing to follow, weave, dance and pose for photo ops if there’s a chance it might get him on my “must visit” list for the single wide. Somehow, I suspect I’m not the only person he’s suckered into being a fan and regular visitor….

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