Cat Sanctuary

Bon Jovi

15 year old Bon Jovi was surrendered to the sanctuary earlier this month. RAPS staff were told that the woman’s landlord wouldn’t allow him in her residence.

He’s understandably feeling a little stressed right now, but this doesn’t appear to be preventing his super friendly personality from shining through in the slightest. He purrs, rubs, and bestows little licks and love bites on fingers. He’ll even respond to a verbal greeting with a meow that reminds me somewhat of a politer version of Soprano’s “mraowr!!”

Slightly less apparent is what he has in common with his namesake. I’ll have to leave that one to the reader’s imagination. It’s either that, or indulge in bad puns involving Bon Jovi song titles and the theme of surrendered animals…

Updated November 11, 2011: Sadly, Bon Jovi passed away this week. Although it’s really too bad he couldn’t have stayed in his original home just that much longer, we’re glad to have been able to provide a safe place for him to live the last year of his life.



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