Cat Sanctuary


Bobby is a cat I came across an interacted with numerous times while doing my volunteer shift in the doublewide without knowing anything about him beyond the obvious – he’s a big, friendly tuxedo cat who likes to hang out on the tops of the cages and peer over the edge at anyone who might pat (or, even better, feed) him. And then there’s those messy, unintentionally well-aimed sneezes you’ve got to watch out for…

When I asked Leslie about him, it turns out there’s not much more story to him that this. He was trapped as a feral kitten and has lived at the sanctuary ever since. Over time he’s become pretty tame, but he’s also one of those ones who seem to suffer from chronic congestion. More often than not, he looks like he could use a little help with some kleenex. And if you happen to be reaching up to pet him when he starts gearing up to expel some of those pesky nasal deposits, you’d be wise to get out of the way.

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