Cat Sanctuary

Blanche – Another Orange Female Cat

Like Brady, who arrived last year around the same time, Blanche is another of that very unusual species of cat – an all-orange female.

Blanche was surrendered by her owners whose patience was stressed to the limit by her howling to be let out, starting at 4:30 in the morning and continuing throughout the day. The only time she didn’t deafen them with her cries was when she was allowed outside.There was obviously nothing physically wrong with Blanche because she was happy and active (and silent!) when she was outside but her owners weren’t in a position to allow her out as much as she wanted.  Their local SPCA indicated that, if Blanche were surrendered to them, she would be considered “unadoptable” and probably …..  well, you know what.   Her family loved Blanche and weren’t willing to allow any such sad ending for this sweet little cat.   Fortunately, they discovered RAPS and Blanche now has a forever home at the cat sanctuary, where she can be outside just as much as she desires. But that’s not how things started out for Blanche.

photo by Michele Wright

When Blanche first arrived, she was put into one of the large walk-in cages assigned to new cats until they get used to their new environment and the strange faces (human and furry) around them.  Although there was barely a “peep” heard from her during the daytime, one of the early morning Animal Care Staff was witness to the 4:30 howling that Blanche’s owners had put up with for so long.  Once her cage door was opened and Blanche could have come out,  all the other curious cats wanted to get in and get up close and personal with the newcomer. Their presence was definitely not welcomed by Blanche,  who hissed to chase them away and then retreated to the back of the cage if any intruder got past her. Not a happy start!  But, determined Blanche eventually began to venture out from her cage – into the main areas, into the laundry room, on to the porch (hissing at any cats who got in her way)  and then finally one happy day – outside  into the back courtyard! That’s where I found her the other day, out in the sunshine, enjoying the garden and exploring in one of the back pens.

She seemed very content out there and happy to have some petting from me but still not quite willing to share any of her space,  not even the great outdoors, with those other cats.

Does she still howl at 4:30 a.m.? I’m not sure, but if she wants to get outside now, she can do so at any time of the day or night. And as for all those other cats around? Well, there’s lots of room out there for everyone,  as the rest of them have found out, and she will too. Another happy ending for a cat with “issues”, and one more unusual orange female cat for us to admire and love!

Blog and photos by Marianne Moore