Cat Sanctuary


Birdie came to the sanctuary some time ago as a feral.

For ages I simply knew her as the Cat Who Stares.
She does this very well..

Believe it or not, these photos were all taken on different days!

While Birdie likes her cat friends and can often be found in the “cuddle puddle” on top of one of the appliances in the singlewide, for a long time she was never really comfortable with people. She’d look at let you look back, but any attempt to touch would be rewarded with a good swift swat.

Lately, she’s started to let people make contact. Leslie says she always seemed like she wanted to be touched, but she just couldn’t quite bring herself to allow it.

Whatever her reasons (and it may just be a function of her age), I’m glad to see Birdie finally allowing herself to enjoy some love from all who would like to be her human friends.