Cat Sanctuary


Leslie describes Bella as “absolutely lovely” and many others would agree. She came to RAPS several years as the result of a divorce and is one of those sanctuary residents you will love and be loved by… if you’re a human. Not so much if you’re a cat.


Bella’s human friends can enjoy happy cuddles and are welcome to join this playful cat in a variety of games. “The Blanket Game” is a favorite. Ann explains how to play: “Put her in the papasan chair and cover her with a blanket. Then ‘shadow box’ with her!! FUNNY!!!!!!”

Phaedra has also had excellent merriment results with a feather on a stick.

In between blanket and feather frolics, Bella enjoys climbing on her visitors’ backs, sometimes after a leap from some crazy place. Shades of Hannah, perhaps?







As delightful as she is with people, Bella is quite the bully when it comes to other cats. She will poo and pee in other cats’ beds or at the bottom of cat trees to show them what’s what. Needless to say, cats in her building don’t like her much, either avoiding her smacking her according to their disposition.

The one thing Bella does have in common with her housemates at the sanctuary is that she’s FIV positive. Phaedra feels sure Bella got it through that bullying habit of hers: “silly girl most likely picked a fight with the wrong kitty.”

And, if that wasn’t enough, Bella has no front claws. So it’s hard not to be indulgent of her. “I don’t think it’s possible not to love this crazy kitty.” says Phaedra.


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