Cat Sanctuary

Bella (II)

Not to be confused with Bella of the blanket game in the Old AIDS building, this is the Bella who lives in the doublewide.






She’s never been one to hang around me while I’m dishing out wet food for their evening meal, so I wasn’t consciously aware of her or who she was until this past Monday when she suddenly, inexplicably, selected me to be her cuddle provider of the moment. Limited success in getting good photos of her, first because she was showing off, dancing around, and trying to climb into my lap almost before I’d managed to crouch down to offer one… and later because she was cuddled out, wanted a nap and didn’t care for my big camera or the flash the goes with it.


When I asked Leslie who this nice little kitty bobbing and weaving her way around my ankles was, she told me this was Bella, and that she’d belonged to a woman in her 20s who had to surrender her when her roommate complained that Bella was peeing where she shouldn’t be. Bella has a special place in Leslie’s heart since Leslie appears to have a special place in Bella’s – when Leslie came back from a holiday, only a handful of cats at the sanctuary took the trouble to actively express pleasure at her return, and Bella was one of them.

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