Cat Sanctuary


Baxter is another one of those cats who is hard to photograph without including in the shot one’s own feet. In other words, he’s a friendly boy.

Baxter came to the sanctuary from the SPCA, part of the same arrangement between shelters that brought us Skouch. I found out from Lisa that Baxter is in fact the last cat we got from the SPCA.

Lisa adds that “he was supposed to be feral but was in fact sweet from the moment he arrived to the point of carol even calling them to make sure we had the right cat!”

Anyone visiting him in the New AIDS building (yes, he’s FIV positive) would do a similar double take at the word “feral” when applied to Baxter. Not simply tame, he’s just so downright personable.

On her Flickr page, Barbara describes Baxter as “so big and loving, he always runs over for attention.” He was usually the first cat she would see each week when she came out to volunteer.

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