Cat Sanctuary

Baby (II)

Baby was surrendered to RAPS back in March when her people found themselves in a situation where they could no longer look after her.

I remember the evening she was brought in, her carrier swaddled in a towel while Gaye hung other towels around the cage that had been prepared for her. I assumed this was because she must be scared to suddenly find herself away from her home, but Gaye explained that it was also to prevent the other cats from peeing on her. Apparently, some of our naughtier cats have attempted to put their mark on new arrivals in the past. Not the kind of welcoming committee a frightened newcomer really wants.

Once she got over her initial “where the heck am I?” fear, Baby proved very cuddly and friendly… with people.









The towels around her cage came down once the danger of intrusive urination had passed, but had to go up again once it was discovered that she liked to sit right by the door so she could whip a paw out and claw any cat who happened to be walking by. It didn’t seem to matter who it was – one time I happened to look over just as she was reaching out to give friendly Squirrel a good smack as he was ambling by, minding his own business.

But human visitors? Welcome anytime.


Updated autumn 2010: Baby’s people were able to take her home!

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