Cat Sanctuary


I’m told B.B.’s name comes from the brown bag she arrived in.

Her story (originally published on the RAPS website):

“A couple arrived at our shelter one day carrying a brown paper bag. Inside was a black female manx that they said they’d found in their yard. “She’s very sick,” they said, “don’t touch her.” The kitty we named B.B. was indeed a sick girl with pus oozing from her severely infected uterus. Our vet said he’d seen similar problems in dogs, but that her condition was extremely rare in cats. He said the prognosis was grim and predicted that our patient had less than a 10% chance of survival. Surgery was performed and the cat was put on antibiotics.
In spite of the infection, our little B.B. wasn’t running a fever and, the following day, the vet was feeling much more optimistic about her future. The cat survived and has won the hearts of many volunteers.”

BB is a survivor to be sure. A little while back, she was having skin problems and lost her her fur. Already tailless and now scabby, hairless and shivering, she was not a pretty sight. With lots of care and attention though, she gradually improved. Now her fur’s growing in nicely and she’s pretty much ditched the shiver for a good solid purr. Today she was even perky enough to throw in a few headbutts and love bites.


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