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Arnie is another recent arrival to the sanctuary, though he’s not nearly as cheerful about it as wriggly, bright-eyed Hannah. But then, he’s had a rather eventful time of it this past week or more: trapped, brought to the vet, neutered, transported to a new environment with a whole host of new faces. Just as well he has no concept of what FIV means, since at the vet’s he also tested positive for that.

So don’t be surprised to see this expression for the next little while if encountering him in the New AIDS building:


It may take a little imagination to see it, what with the expression of abject horror over the presence of a stranger with a big camera, but Arnie actually looks not unlike Greyson, another adult male stray, who was brought to the shelter last fall.

No coincidence – we believe them to be brothers! After Gaye had successfully trapped Greyson, who’d been hanging around her neighborhood for some time, she discovered there was another one that looked very much like him still roaming around out there. So she watched over him, made sure he had enough to eat, and finally this month was able to bring him in.

A long way still from being as well-adjusted as Greyson, Arnie was pretty convinced that I was going to do something horrible to him, greeting most movement in his direction with a growl and a hiss. No striking or spitting though, which I took as a good sign. I tried presenting him a with piece of kibble from his bowl. This turned out to be an acceptable peace offering, and after a few pieces he even let me touch his forehead with the tip of my finger.

Looks a little bit better already. I’ll post an updated once he’s settled in and realized nobody’s going to hurt him.

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