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Another Happy-Ever-After

Claire introduced us last year to handsome Larkin, who came in to the Sanctuary in April 2014 as a very scared boy, and gradually gained in confidence as he discovered nothing but love from staff and volunteers. Larkin was one of the cats who would probably have struggled at the 5 Road Shelter, but who was able to take his time at the Sanctuary to acclimatize and discover that there was nothing to fear. He captured the heart of volunteer Bev who spent regular time visiting with him until he looked forward to her visits.

at the sanctuary – MW

Bev writes:
Larkin came home with me on Oct. 29/14 after some encouragement from Leslie who knew that I had lost a cat in July and was looking for another.  She loved little Larkin and convinced me that I would too. I had a 15 year old cat I adopted from RAPS in January of 2000 and was concerned about how they would get along. Seamus has arthritis and moves slowly and stiffly but is generally a pretty nice guy so I hoped it would work.


Larkin remained in hiding for about two weeks after he arrived, but I noticed that he came out during the night to sleep in MY chair – and, of course, he was eating and drinking. After two weeks he appeared during the day and we haven’t looked back. Patience can often be necessary when a shelter cat is adopted – they need to come out in their own sweet time.

Larkin seemed a rather sedate name for such a little force of nature – he literally gallops around, doing high-jumps over the bed when I wake up in the morning (knowing feeding time is near). He became Scooter and he almost immediately decided he loved Seamus and Seamus, much to his own surprise I think, was quite taken with the little guy.

Scooter (top) with Seamus – BJ

They walk around side by side, head-butting and touching noses.  It’s very sweet and makes us all very happy.

Loves his feather toys! – BJ

Scooter will now allow me to pick him up and will sit on my lap for brief periods.  He loves to be petted – ears, chin and tummy rubs are expected – and he actually asks for attention. He is also spoiled with special wet food twice a day (small amounts only, of course) and he has a good appetite and has probably grown a little. When Leslie came to visit him, he hid on her – guess he didn’t want her to take him back to “the farm”.

Happy at home – BJ

Now that he’s more comfortable and settled, we’re hoping she’ll come back for another visit. He is adorable and the three of us want thank Leslie for her “match-making” skills!

Blog by Bev Johnston
Photos by Bev Johnston & Michele Wright