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Looking at Angel is the only easy way to tell that Leo and Daphne are blood relations. She’s got a black and white version of her mom’s long coat and a mostly straight version of her brother’s short tail. She also shares with Leo a streak of white along her back like some random mistake of a brushstroke. Angel’s is more pronounced and against the black fur it gives her an appearance reminiscent of Penelope Pussycat from the Pepé Le Pew cartoons.

Personality-wise, I find Angel a bit hard to figure. She can be very good at feigning indifference, as if she’d sized up the human world and found it all a bit lacking. Granted, when I met her she had recently been taken out of the only home she knew and was living with five other cats in an enclosure the size of a large shower stall… Despite food and water, soft things to sit on and the presence of the cats she grew up with, I guess it’s hard to blame her for being unimpressed with the whole situation.

Angel and Leo

I was very pleased to hear she was adopted shortly after I took her mother and brother home. I was very surprised to hear yesterday that she was back at the sanctuary again. She was to be a companion for an older cat and apparently intimidated that cat so much that it just wasn’t going to work out.

Angel appears to be taking all this in stride. I went to visit her and she totally ignored me, being very much engrossed in the business of lounging. Next time I passed by, though, she changed her mind and decided a bit of attention might not be so bad. She even deigned to meow.

Updated October 4, 2010: Wonderful news – Angel and her good friend Snowball have been adopted together!

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