Cat Sanctuary


Alec is a relative newcomer to the sanctuary, only recently let out of his cage in the Connor House.

 Above photos provided by Marianne


He’s still pretty nervous – Marianne tells of how, a week or two ago, he got scared out into the front courtyard only for the windstorm to totally freak him out and send him back into the Connor and up on top of the cages.

But, she adds:

“He’s a total sweetheart once he’s convinced that you mean him no harm. And a real flirt too – he does this cute little head tilt and angles a coy look at you from just out of reach. If you can reach him, he LOVES to have his tummy rubbed and will stretch all four legs straight out to get maximum tummy exposure.”

When I sought him out to introduce myself, I found him in here:

He climbed out when I got too close, but only went as far as the roof, where he sat peering at me, throwing me a few coy looks like the ones Marianne described.

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